Whether you run to keep fit, training for an event or run as part of another sport, the Running Clinic offers help and advice to help you perform at your best.

  • Complete sports injury and running injury management
  • Injury prevention strategies
  • Personalised gym training plans to complement your running
  • Recovery and nutritional plans giving you the edge

Nic Costiff is a musculoskeletal and sports injury physiotherapist specialising in running injuries. He has extensive experience in treating injured service men including the Special Forces and injured Royal Marines. As a former Royal Marine and Physical Training Instructor, Nic has been responsible for the physical fitness of many recruits and trained soldiers. He has specialises in the prescription of exercise during injury recovery and is able to take you through the complete journey from injury to performance.

Whether you are injured, want to increase your running robustness or want to perform better, Nic will take you through a sequence of steps in order to observe how you move and identify functional limitations that maybe causing your injury or affecting your performance, integrating this into a training package and then progressing you through to the next level.

Step 1: Initial consultation and Functional movement assessment

Using fundamental movement patterns including a squat, lunge and stepping action, Nic will look at how you move and how this maybe causing injury or preventing your progress.

Step 2: Advanced exercise prescription and Manual therapy

Movement dysfunctions will be addressed with rehabilitation exercise and manual therapy including massage and other soft tissue techniques to restore and improve joint range of movement and flexibility. This will be followed by stability re training to ensure that your new range of movement is controlled with correct muscular firing patterns before loading and strengthening exercises are prescribed to increase your strength, endurance and resilience to injury.

Step 3: High level exercise prescription and injury prevention strategies

Many runners do not follow up their rehabilitation programmes to reduce the likelihood of injury recurrence. You will be taken through a comprehensive training programme culminating in retraining the ability to absorb forces effectively thus increasing your running efficiency and reducing load on your cardiovascular system. This is turn will allow improved recovery and improved running times.

Performance management

As a fitness coach, Nic can also take you through tailored fitness programmes in order to keep you on track and aim towards a new personal best.

  • Balanced training programmes including strength mobility and speed.
  • Integration of plyometric training in order to optimise your body’s efficiency
  • Nutritional plans and advice to optimise recovery and perform at your best.
  • Micro and meso cycles to help you peak for events.

The Running clinic Functional assessment (60 minutes) £40.00
Follow up appointment (60 minutes) £40.00
Performance management £40.00