Nic has been involved in physical training and fitness from a young age. Nic reached a high level in Judo before training as a Royal Marines Commando in 1991. Later, he specialized to become a Royal Marines Physical Training Instructor where is was responsible for the physical training of Royal Marines recruits and trained soldiers. Whether you are starting of in fitness training, want to increase your fitness levels or are looking to break new personal records, Nic combines his skills as a personal trainer, rehabilitation specialist and musculoskeletal physiotherapist to increase your fitness and robustness against injury and ensure you reach your goals.

Fitness training encompasses a balance of strength, endurance, speed, flexibility or mobility as well as a psychological component. what ever your goal, consideration of all of these factors will be included in your training plan to avoid training imbalance, and keep you on your track to health and fitness.

Fitness training can also help you to avoid injury and Nic will be able to advise you on safe exercise selection, how to progress your training using micro and macrocycles or periodization training to keep you progressing and avoid over training and injury.

If you are a beginner, recreational sports person or serious athlete and would like advice on firtness training, call Nic at Cornwood Physiotherapy.