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Specialist Sport Injuries comprehensive rehabilitation programmes

Specialist Sports

The biggest risk of injury in sports and exercise is a history of previous injury to that body part. Therefore, it is very important that you have a comprehensive rehabilitation programme in order to recover and continue to play your sports with low risk of re-injury.

Acute sports injuries are treated using the POLICED guidelines. However, if you are unsure about these, you should seek advice from Nic or a Medical practitioner in order to optimize the healing environment. Nic has a lot of experience in returning military and the sporting population back to full fitness with an exercise programme in order to reduce injury recurrence.

Injuries from Overuse & RSI

Often sports injuries are as a result of trauma for example a tackle in football. However, a lot of injuries build up gradually as a result of overuse (for example shoulder injuries from swimming or bowling in cricket). In order to effectively treat these conditions; you will undergo a biomechanical and functional screening process in order to find the cause and source of your pain.

Manual therapy techniques alongside corrective exercises will be administered before making a plan to start sports specific rehabilitation and conditioning exercises in order to re-integrate participation in your game or sport.