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Ssports massage The manipulation of soft tissue to benefit an active person

Massage and sports massage

Regular soft tissue massage contributes to recovery from sports and intense physical activity. These activities can cause increased muscle tone and can be felt as tightness within the muscle tissue. Competing or training with increased or abnormal muscle tone can have several effects on your physiology:

  • Impaired oxygen and nutrient delivery to working muscles and reduced removal of waste products.
  • Asymmetrical muscle tightness can contribute to biomechanical abnormalities which could lead to injury
  • Increased tone also limits the extensibility and shock absorbency of muscle tissue and thus predisposes the tissue to strain

Reduce Muscle Sores

Sports massage helps to reduce muscle soreness associated with increased intensity, increases joint range of movement and increases the circulation to muscle tissue thus aiding recovery. Regular soft tissue massage also gives the physiotherapist the opportunity to identify areas of tightness which if left untreated may lead to injury.

Nic combines soft tissue massage with other physiotherapy techniques including muscle energy techniques, neuromuscular stretching techniques and trigger point release to provide re-energizing soft tissue body work facilitating the environment for your body to perform at its best.